The Office of Foreign Students’ Advisor - Overview

The Foreign Students’ Advisor Office (FSA) at the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF), Pakistan, is dedicated to helping foreign students with the admission process and beyond. The office promotes internationalization at UAF by increasing the number of foreign student admissions to degree programs in agriculture and related sciences. UAF strives to provide a comprehensive education that encompasses knowledge, skills, and values while also forging friendships between students’ home country and Pakistan. FSA assists interested international students with documents needed for a Pakistani visa when they start their academic journey; FSA offers academic guidance and mentorship and facilitates social events to help with cultural integration. Furthermore, we arrange activities at the university for international students providing opportunities to learn about Pakistani culture. With our support, foreign students can smoothly transition into their new lives as students in Pakistan. FSA is committed to facilitating student mobility and administering international funding awards. We aim to foster an inclusive environment for foreign students at UAF.


Currently, we are hosting 102 foreign students from 9 different nationalities studying at UAF, including Afghanistan, Benin, Gambia, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Syria, Togo, UK. The students study in different degree programs at UAF under international scholarships/fellowships. 


The Foreign Student Advisor Office can be reached by:

Ph:  +92419200161-70, Ext.3806