UAF Community College

Agriculture and Education are the two key areas, which will define the future of our country. In view of that, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad has established its Community College in 2008 with the main objective to disseminate quality education emphasizing on integrated approach to produce skilled manpower in agriculture, basic sciences and allied disciplines. This skilled manpower will serve in public and private sector organizations to uplift the standard of the livelihood of the community.

The UAF Community College has revived Intermediate (Pre-Agriculture) certificate to provide competent nursery for admission at undergraduate level in various disciplines of agriculture and allied subjects. This program will presage into a bright future of young generation through amalgamation of basic sciences with agriculture for new thinking, novel approaches and innovative technical skills to accelerate the growth of agriculture sectors in the country. So, the main incentive behind the commencement of this step is to provide education and learning facilities to the rural masses of 36 districts of Punjab, as they could contribute towards Agriculture and Rural Economic Developments. It would prepare the young students, imbued with the ardor and spirit, to service their country constructively. As the admission is based purely on merit basis on reserved seats for each district of Punjab, the college represents the whole community of Punjab Province. The domicile of candidate for admission is determined from the address of school of matriculation so that a candidate enjoying facilities of URBAN schools may not take seats of rural candidates

UAF Community college establishment is dual in nature on one hand, to train students to become constructive & responsible citizens of the country by developing their all rounded personality, inculcating in them important moral values of life: high level of confidence, character and on the other hand, it opens venues for graduates and post graduate Agriculture students' research as an experimental laboratory.

The UAF Community College has introduced various associated degrees, master degrees through weekend programs, community development programs and diplomas in a number of disciplines. It will create an opportunity of skill development for the rural population of our community. Such trained manpower will be an asset for agriculture and rural economic development.

Comprehensive curriculum serves as a broad based support for student's professional and academic training. In addition the newly constructed spacious building and well equipped laboratories caters the needs of students with substantial resources both in academic and professional capacities. It has an aim to develop an interaction with other renowned academic peers around Pakistan.

UAF Community College has highly qualified and well experienced staff. Most of the faculty members are Ph.D. and Post Doc from abroad and have experience of teaching and research at International Universities. They are well seasoned in their respective fields and circumspect in training of manpower. They provide students the tools they need to grow into competent, skilled and self-assured professionals.