Research at UAF - Studies into biology, economic threshold level and control of Euphorbia dracunculoides in gram

Name of Principal investigator
Dr. Asif Tanveer
Department/Faculty:   Agronomy/Agriculture
Telephone:  0419200161-70 Ext.2934  
Fax/ Email
Co- principal investigator:
Dr. Muhammad Ayub
Project duration  (Months): 
36 Months
Total cost:
Rs.641, 580
Funding Agency
Higher Education Commission

Progress Reports


Problem Statement

Euphorbia dracunculoides is an annual, medium sized herb with smooth stem and many leafy branches. It belongs to Euphorbiaece and is one of the major weeds in gram. In view of the importance of Euphorbia dracunculoides in gram-gram cropping system, present project has been planed to determine economic threshold level, allelopathic effects of E. dracunculoides on gram and to provide gram growers, a technology which should be effective for the control of weeds particularly E. dracunculoides.


  1. To estimate economic threshold level of E. dracunculoides in gram.
  2. To estimate yield and nutrient losses caused by E. dracunculoides and its effect on quality (protein contents) of gram.
  3. To study growth and seed production ability of E. dracunculoides
  4. To study allelopathic effect of E. dracunculoides on germination and growth of gram.
  5. To study efficacy of herbicides at various rates to find out safe and economical herbicide for control of E. dracunculoides under field conditions after preliminary screening in pots.