Research at UAF - Impact Assessment and Evaluation of Projects under Endowment Fund at Tehsil Toba Tek Singh
Name of PI: Prof. Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Mann,
Chairman Deptt. of Rural Sociology, UAF
Total Cost : Rs. 2.983 million
Funds released : Rs.1.728 million
Funds utilized : Rs.0.528 million

Progress Reports


  • To investigate the Agro-economic and social characteristics of the people/farmers in the projects area.
  • To make evaluation from time to time activities of on-going projects.
  • To conduct impact assessment of the projects under Endowment Fund.
  • To suggest policy implications and give recommendations for future research, development and technology transfer programs under Endowment Fund at UAF.

Achievements during the period under report
The progress of the project was slower because of the resignation of the earlier PI and the project operations were delayed till the appointment of new PI. The project team visited the project areas of all the projects funded under FDTTPC and organized meetings with PIs of projects. Various shortcomings and needful were highlighted and indicated to the PIs. A questionnaire was also developed for base line survey to assess the agro-economic and social characteristics/profile of the end users/villagers/villages which has helped to understand the communities and their social structure.