Research at UAF - Demonstration of Light Equipped Power Insect Killer (LEPIK Technology) for Mechanical Insect Pest Control in Cropland.
Name of PI: Prof. Dr. Rashid Ahmad Khan,
Deptt. of Forestry, Range Management & Wildlife, UAF
Total project cost : Rs. 2.195 million
Funds released : Rs.0.639 million
Funds utilized : Rs.0.359 million

Progress Reports


  • Introducing “Light Equipped Power Insect Killer (LEPIK)” in the field of agriculture for non-chemical control of crop insect pests.
  • Comparing the cost benefit ratio of insect control by LEPIK machine against other insect control methods.
  • Improving efficacy of the LEPIK devices by modifying its various parts and using the most attractive light for higher insect response on the basis of field experience.
  • Conducting large scale field experiments involving local farmers to familiarize this technology in agriculture sector.
  • Translating field experience into suitable recommendations, i.e. best time for field operation, optimum coverage speed of the machine during treatment, row-to-row distance of crops and field size etc. for operating the machines in croplands to achieve better insect control results.

Achievements during the period under report:
Findings of about 200 insect pest collections using LEPIK machine on above said crops have indicated that among many other insects, Diptera (4%), Lepidoptera (21%) and Coleoptera (19%) were the highly attracted insects in ach collection from rice and sugarcane crops. Operation of the machine was found to be more effective during dark nights. Pest control practices during late hours at night and during moonlit nights were observed a little less effective for insect control. Overall, ten different insect orders were attracted and killed by LEPIK machine during field operations which mostly included potential insect pest. Proportion of predacious insects killed during pest control operations was only 3.7% which is negligible and can be reduced further by placing mesh over light cover of the machine. Farmers like to use this device for plant protection purpose due to added advantages of being handy, easy to operate, cheapest and environment friendly against chemical pest control.