Research at UAF - Control of Newcastle Disease in Rural Poultry of District T.T. Singh
Name of PI: Dr. Muhammad Arshad,
Associate Professor,
Department of Veterinary Microbiology, UAF
Total project cost : Rs. 1.961 million
Funds released : Rs.0.417 million
Funds utilized : Rs.0.278 million

Progress Reports


  • To involve rural families/persons having poultry to create awareness for the control of ND in rural poultry.
  • To apply epidemiological techniques on ND in rural poultry of the area.
  • To introduce the scientifically designed ND control programme for rural poultry in the area.
  • To reduce economic losses caused by the disease in rural poultry.

Achievements during the period under report:
To develop liaison and to get full support and cooperation of the local Government bodies, meetings were held with District Livestock Officer and Veterinary Officer, Tehsil T.T. Singh. Five villages viz., 296/GB, 302/GB, 521/GB, 379/JB and 388/JB, were selected to start project activities. More than 500 families/persons of the selected villages were registered and basic data were collected. About 600 birds were examined for the presence of antibodies against ND before vaccination and sero-prevalence of 39% was recorded. After vaccination, no outbreak of ND has been reported in the selected villages. The bird owners of the selected villages were told about the control of the disease and trained for vaccination of their birds. Post-vaccinal antibody titres against ND are being measured in randomly selected birds of each selected village.