Research at UAF - Survey and Management of Mite Pests of Major Crops and Stored Grains in Tehsil Toba Tek Singh, Punjab
Name of PI: Dr. Muhammad Afzal,
Associate Professor,
Deptt. of Agri. Entomology, UAF.
Total project cost : Rs. 2.153 million
Funds released : Rs.0.612 million
Funds utilized : Rs.0.510 million

Progress Reports


  • To elucidate the exact picture of incidence and losses caused by different mite species.
  • To explore the existence of different mites in different localities of Toba Tek Singh, Punjab.
  • To evaluate/ explore different mite pest management strategies culminating into integrated pest management.
  • To explore different mite pest in grain storage and analyze the post harvest losses caused by them.
  • To develop a strategy in order to control and management of stored grain mite pests.
  • Demonstration/ dissemination of technology by holding farmer’s field day with the collaboration of the extension field staff of the area.

Achievements during the period under report:
Eight farmers from eight villages in the project area were selected as focal persons. Collection of stored grain samples was done from different sources in the project area including farmer storages, Government godowns and local market. A total of 110 samples were collected. Two methods were used for collection of mites from the samples, i.e. direct collection method and Berlese’s Funnel method. The collected mites were sorted and preserved for further studies. Out of 110 samples, only 11 samples were found infested with the stored grain mites. The reason for the less infestation was non availability of wheat from the previous year due to wheat crises. Almost all the samples collected were from the fresh crop of year 2007-08. The collected specimens were mounted permanently on the microscopic slides. These specimens were identified up to the family level. Mites mainly belonging to two families’ viz., Acaridae and Histostomatidae were identified from these samples. Maximum specimens belonged to Family Acaridae.