Research at UAF - Epidemiology of Parasitic Fauna of Domestic Animals of Tehsil Toba Tek Singh
Name of PI: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nisar Khan,
Deptt. of Veterinary Parasitology, UAF
Total project cost : Rs. 2.315 million
Funds released : Rs.0.669 million
Funds utilized : Rs.0.196 million

Progress Reports


  • To conduct an epidemiological survey for documentation of parasitic fauna of livestock and dairy industry of Tehsil Toba Tek Singh.
  • To determine the factors affecting the epidemiology of parasitic diseases in the area.
  • To estimate economic losses attributed to livestock and dairy industry.
  • To transfer the latest technology/ information to the dairy farmers regarding the control of parasitic diseases in the field.

Achievements during the period under report:
Month wise prevalence of gastrointestinal (GIT) parasites was carried out in 4 areas of Tehsil Toba Tek Singh for the documentation of parasitic fauna of livestock viz., Chak No.285/GB, Chak No.346/GB, Chak No.399/JB and Toba Tek Singh proper. Faecal samples from different animals were collected during each month and analyzed following standard coprological procedures for the presence of eggs of different GIT parasites. Month wise prevalence was the highest in February (29.43%) and lowest in June (5.60%). The GIT parasitic species found prevalent in cattle and buffaloes of the study areas included oesophagostomum, cooperia, trichostrongylus, strongyloides, ostertagia, Fasciola hepatica, Fasciola gigantica, Heamonchus contortus and trichuris. The species recorded during survey of sheep and goat were Haemonchus , oesophagostomum, trichuris, Toxocara vitulorum, Fasciola hepatica and moniezia. The study provided baseline data to educate the farmers about these parasitic diseases prevalent in the study area. The information generated will be helpful for planning further control programs.