Research at UAF - Improving Water Use Efficiency in Cereals through ACC-Deaminase Biotechnology
Name of PI: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arshad (T.I.)
Institute of Soil & Environmental Sciences, UAF
Total project cost : Rs. 2.485 million
Funds released : Rs.0.852 million
Funds utilized : Rs.0.109 million

Progress Reports


  • To evaluate the effect of inoculation with ACC-deaminase bacteria on wheat and maize at the farmers’ fields under water stress conditions developed either by skipping irrigation at different stages of growth or applying less water per irrigation.
  • To develop formulations of effective bio-fertilizer from ACC-deaminase bacteria for the efficient utilization of water and increasing growth and yield of wheat and maize under limited water supply.
  • Transfer of environment friendly novel technology (biofertilizer) to the farmers to obtain high yield potential per less amount of water.

Achievements during the period under report:
Demonstration trials on maize and sorghum were conducted at two sites viz., 381/JB, and 329/JB. The results indicated that inoculation with selected plant growth promoting rhizobacteria containing ACC-deaminase, significantly increased biomass production of maize and sorghum both under normal & water stress conditions. In case of sorghum, addition of compost further increased the efficiency of inoculation. Farmer’s field day was organized on 11th June, 2008 at the farm of Mian Masood, Chak No.296/GB, Toba Tek Singh. Farmers showed confidence in the technology under demonstrations.