Sub-Campus Toba Tek Singh - Overview

The UAF Sub Campus Toba Tek Singh was established on 5th of June 2005, with the vision put forth by the Governor/Chancellor that Universities should develop programs for the benefit of local masses. District Toba Tek Singh is the second largest hub of poultry after Karachi and it was felt that appropriate knowledge and skills about poultry education must be disseminated to the farmers in addition to producing qualified professionals in poultry Science. As far as the infrastructure is concerned, the civil work has been completed for the construction of double story academic block, boys and girls hostels, foreign faculty hostel, motor pool, cafeteria, library and infirmary. Whereas civil work on feed manufacturing unit, an environment controlled house, Hatchery and a Bird Clinic is underway and the installation of the equipments in these structures will be completed soon. Strengthening of laboratories, computing facilities and library has been furnished. In addition, Video Conferencing facility and PERN internet connectivity have been made available for faculty and students. On completion of the project, UAF Sub Campus Toba Tek Singh will emerge as one of the apex academic and research institute in the fields of Poultry Science, Computer Science, Zoology, Chemistry and allied sciences. Junior Laboratory school completed its first successful year to facilitate the natives. The strength of school reached to about 300 students. The Sub Campus has a diligent faculty with diverse academic background in the relevant fields. At present, adequate number of short courses for the farmers, two years Poultry Assistant Diploma (PAD) and Livestock Assistant Diploma (LAD) after matriculation with Science are being offered. The principal is the Incharge of the office. He is controlling the whole academic processes of the institute and is also controlling all the official work. The institute is offering the following under and postgraduate programs.

Career Options

  • Hatcheries, Feed Mills, Breeder Farms, Poultry Farms and Research Laboratories
  • Diagnostic Laboratories, Teaching Institutes
  • Government Hospitals, Fashion Designing,
  • Textile Industry,
  • Child and Family counseling,
  • City Art Council,
  • Vocational Training Institutes.
  • Accounting, Public Administration,
  • Financial Planning, Banks
  • Software Development, System and
  • Network administrator, Teaching and
  • Research