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Policy Papers From IFPRI Funded Projects

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1 Effects of livestock diseases on dairy production and in-comes in district Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan Ashfaq, Muhammad et. al 2014 View
2 Economic evaluation of different irrigation systems for wheat production in Rechna Doab, Pakistan Bakhsh, Allah et. al 2014 View
3 DNA barcoding and biochemical profiling of medical plants of northern and desert areas of Pakistan to improve rural living standard Jamil, Amer et. al 2016 View
4 Assessment of water allocations using remote sensing and GIS modeling for Indus Basin, Pakistan Cheema, Muhammad Jehanzeb Masud; et. al 2016 View
5 Agricultural R&D Indicators Factsheet | November 2015 Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators-Pakistan(ASTI) 2016 View