Senior Tutor Office - Overview

The University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF) aims at educating its students for life. The core belief it imparts to the sensibility of the taught here is to seek purified earning which is free from all sorts of spiritual and moral defilement. The achievement of such lofty objectives has been ensured through installing a thoroughly refined and wider system of pastoral and academic support that promotes positive well being and inculcates superior work ethics for professionalism and character building of the students. The pastoral activities (literary and artistic pursuits other than the obligatory academic work) of the students are looked after by the Office of the Senior Tutor. The office of the Senior Tutor holds a key organizational position along the institutional hierarchy to manage different literary, artistic, and cultural activities within UAF. Senior Tutor works under the direct supervision of the Vice Chancellor through Principal Officer (Students' Affairs). Given the bulk and sophisticated nature of multifarious tasks his office is mandated to perform, the Senior Tutor is also assisted by two Associate Senior Tutors (both males), and four Deputy Senior Tutors (three males & two females); all of whom have their penchant recognized in the particular creative or artistic fields they pursue. Collectively, the designated Senior Tutors administer the tutorial group meetings which are conducted by 134 tutors and 134 co-tutors to promote artistic, co-curricular and cultural activities in the university's main campus in Faisalabad. Additionally, the Senior Tutor office supervises and collaborates with UAF sub-campuses at Pars, Burewala and Toba Tek Sing through its team, comprising one Associate Senior Tutor (Male) and Two Deputy Senior Tutors (one male and one female) from within the faculty at each of these sub-campuses. The Senior Tutor makes sure that every undergraduate student of the university has a personal tutor. Such a supervision and leadership role also attributes to the Senior Tutor office the status of an Art and Literary Forum, whereby it organizes exclusive as well as collaborative activities of the eight different clubs, namely Na'at and Qir'at Club, The Quiz Club, Society of Agri Writers (SAW), The Debating Club, The Art Club, UAF Media Club, and Virsa Music Society. Again, all of these cultural and artistic clubs thrive under the auspices of the Office of the Senior Tutor because it is the same office which ensures that the activities through the personal tutorial system are perfectly streamlined in a way that the tutors keep referring their outshining and flamboyant tutees to be the regular members of the eight university clubs for further polishing their particular skills and for enabling them to represent the university in various competitions. The tutorial group meetings are not just targeted to explore and hone the aesthetic and creative potential of university students, each personal tutor also tries to maintain a close contact with students to ensure that they are managing their co- and extra-curricular activities in a way so as not to disturb their routine studies. As an Art and Literary Forum within UAF, the Senior Tutor office works out its elaborate scope in regularizing both the internal working strategies as well as outside engagements (such as co-curricular competitions at university, national and international level) of the aforementioned seven clubs. Thus, the broader framework of the Senior Tutor office seeks to ensure the implementation of a proper code of ethics and practice among students while promoting and recasting Pakistani cultural values and heritage in a milder mood.