Punjab Bioenergy Institute - Overview


Punjab Bioenergy Institute (PBI) at UAF was established under inspirations of Punjab Government for achieving self-reliance and sustainability in alternative energy resources and other growth and economics related prospects. The project "Establishment of Punjab Bioenergy Institute at UAF" was approved by the PDWP in its meeting held on October 16, 2014 by the Govt. of the Punjab, Lahore vide no. SOA (P) 3-10/2014 dated 06-11-2014 after establishing MOU between Pakistan and China on 31-08-2013 as a result of series of visits by competent authorities from both sides in 2012 and 2013. As far as the Institute's performance indicators are concerned, civil work has been completed about 80%, a bachelor degree program has been established named as Energy System Engineering (ESE), procurement is in progress for last batch of equipment, research activities have been started and last batch of hiring the scientists is in progress. A 100 kW biomass power plant for demonstration purposes has been established at PARS Campus in collaboration with Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion Technologies, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. The unit is for demonstration/research purposes but the electricity produced during operation will be used to run the turbines for irrigation purposes.

Research collaborations have been developed with technologically advanced countries for technology transfer and development, GIEC China is one of those collaborative Institutes in biomass gasification. Most of the deliverables have been completed or near to completion and rest of them are in pipe-line towards completion before deadline. Recently, a component "Integrated energy and agriculture concept" has been added after thoughtful revision in the same project on recommendation of honourable Chief Minister on 29th May 2015. The purpose of this revision and extension is to establish a hybrid renewable energy system including solar and biogas power generation for drip irrigation and energy efficiency at training block of PBI. Dr. Gerwin Dreesmenn from Germany, expert of "Integrated Energy and Agriculture" gave briefing to the honorable Chief Minister and he agreed to implement said technology in Pakistan through a pilot to uplift of the rural areas of Punjab through provincial government at two locations including central Punjab and southern Punjab region. This revision was approved by Punjab Government Lahore vide No. Dated 23-09-2016 with extension of additional one year.

At the moment PBI is functional and initiating collaborative efforts with industries and academic/research organizations to promote alternative energy technologies in Pakistan. PBI is focused to provide energy solutions at domestic and industrial level. The available technologies and possible energy solutions for community are available in "Downloads" as initial guidelines. In addition to it, expert opinion and consultancy services for waste to energy are also available to facilitate energy scarce sector in Pakistan.