Department of Pharmacy - Overview

Pharmacy profession has historic roots as the art and science of preparing and dispensing medications. This role of pharmacist had been transformed to wide ranging activities: health care systems (community, hospital and clinical pharmacy settings), pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry, research (drug discovery, drug development and drug delivery), drug regulatory agencies, academics and training of health workers.

Pharmacy as a distinct profession forms the edifice of the health care system on which lies success of well-being of the community. With the rise of population worldwide during the last few decades, it has been realized that the conventional traditional medical and healthcare services are unable to pay any significant role in the overall improvement of health status. This realization has driven all health professionals to the common goal of disease prevention and health promotion. In developed countries the clinical direction of Pharmacy has laid emphasis on the manipulative product-oriented and distributive skills and focuses more on the public health awareness. Today the Pharmacy profession has become highly patient-oriented which this has created much more opportunities for the pharmacists in hospital and community Pharmacy especially in the USA and the Middle East, while in Pakistan still 75% opportunities are in the industrial sector.

Department of Pharmacy is one of the premier departments of the University. The Department is actively engaged in establishing modern laboratories equipped with all necessary instruments and equipment. Recently the laboratories are upgraded with the latest instruments like spectrophotometer, double beam UV-visible spectrophotometers high speed centrifuge machines, rotatory evaporator and polarimeter etc. Pharmacy department lecture rooms are equipped with audio visual system with sufficient seating capacity with audiovisual arrangement. Industrial linkages have been developed with local industry, clinical training facilities with Aziz Fatima Teaching Hospital Faisalabad, for practical training and residency in clinical, hospital and community pharmacy. Pharmaceutical Chemistry group is working on the applications of new chemical approaches to improve synthesis of active moiety and evaluation of important bio functionalities of valuable green pharmaceuticals/natural products. The faculty members of this department are highly qualified and well experienced in their respective fields. They truly care about development and success of their students.