Institute of Microbiology - Objectives

Institute of Microbiology

Microbiology department was established in 1962 in the university of Agriculture Faisalabad and then upgraded to the institute of microbiology in 2010. Since then the institute has made significant advances in almost every sphere of academics as well a research. We owe to our distinction, the dedication to excellence in research and teaching, therefore attracting a large number of students at undergraduate as well as postgraduate and doctoral levels. We take pride in launching our trainees into successful and productive main stream careers, as our qualified graduates are serving in various capacity at different private and public sector organizations of country and abroad. The institute focus on the applied aspects of microbiology relevant to needs of local and regional perspectives. In Pursuit of flourishing and growing scope of microbiology, the institute today is equipped with undergraduates as well as postgraduate research laboratories and BSL level II and III laboratories. Our faculty and graduates are provided opportunity to participate in national and international workshops and conferences for their career enhancement. We aspire to achieve the states of the excellence in all fields of microbiology such as Medical, Industrial, Agriculture, Environmental microbiology and Public Health.



Promoting Healthy and Prosperous Pakistan


  1. To promote quality technical human resources through rigorous and inspirational training in all fields of microbiology.
  2. To create knowledge based economy through microbiological interventions in all possible fields of science.
  3. To improve quality education in various disciplines of life.
  4. To provide technological self-sufficiency on national issues related to the control and eradication of diseases and health improvement of population.
  5. To enhance research and career collaboration with international organizations to pave the way for globalization.