Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery - Overview

Department of Clinical Medicine and surgery is actively involved in training of undergraduate and post graduate students. The courses offered by the department include theoretical as well as practical (clinical) training courses. The department offers courses in various disciplines including: veterinary medicine, preventive medicine, surgery and radiology. Experimental animals are housed for handing on practical training to students. The veterinary teaching hospital of the Department is providing health services to approx.  6,000-7,000 animals per year. This is considered one of the best veterinary teaching hospitals in the country. The hospital is providing veterinary health services in Faisalabad and neighboring cities.

The department is equipped with the state-of-the–art diagnostic imaging equipments i.e. X-ray and ultrasound facilities. Two fully working operation theaters are engaged in training the students and operating the small animals. These operating rooms are equipped with emergency equipments, anesthesia machines and oxygen units.

Research Achievements

1-Evolved a cheaper “Surf field mastitis test” and treatment of glanders and bovine theileriosis.

2-Standardized general anaesthesia in game and fancy birds, introduced new technique for dehorning in ruminants.

3-Improved the intrathecal administration technique of ATS for the treatment of tetanus.