Department of Physics - Overview

The Department of Physics aims to produce physics graduates with sound knowledge of pure and applied physics. The graduates with ability and skills to understand and tackle the research problems in advanced areas of science and technology. Qualified and trained physicists to work in the Research and Development organizations of the country. The students become capable of designing and construction of research experiments regarding Physics.
The Department is actively engaged in establishing new laboratories. The Department initiated pioneering research work in the field of Solar Energy. Due to the increasing population and limitations of the conventional sources, it is necessary to take innovative steps to develop and discover new gadgets operating on solar energy which is cheap, abundantly available and non polluting. The laboratories of the Department are equipped by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Japan. Recently the electronics lab is upgraded with the equipment provided by Science foundation. The research work being done in these laboratories includes Magnetism, Superconductivity, Environmental Pollution, Materials Science, Electronics and Soil Physics. One research lab for laser spectroscopy is in progress. Radiation dosimetry and materials science laboratory development is also on its way.              
The Physics department provides a program that develops the necessary skill and competence which is required in the major research and technical organizations like the NESCOM, NDC, PAEC, KRL etc. A good number of the students who have graduated from the physics department are serving in these organizations.

Total Students Produced:
1) M.Sc.  Students:     561
2) M.Phil Students:     127


  1. Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai Award to Mr. Shaukat Ali Shahid by Govt. of Punjab.