Department of Computer Science - Overview

The Computer Science education in the University was started in 1975 in the form of short courses with an objective to develop computer know-how. Over the years the computational facilities were strengthened and updated to enable the University to initiate the M.Sc. Degree programs in computer Science during the year 1992 in the department of Mathematics and Statistics as part of its continuing computer education agenda.

In the year 1996 an independent department of Computer Science was established to perform all the functions related to Computer Science and especially to promote and develop computer education in the country. Currently the department is offering the degree of M.Sc. Computer Science and M.S. Computer Science.

The curriculum of the computer Science degree programs covers all aspects of computing, particularly Artificial intelligence, Software Engineering, Data Bases, Numerical Analysis, Computer Architecture, Multimedia, Graphics and other rapidly evolving areas in computer science.

The main emphasis is on project/research ranging from practical problems of application development to deal with the abstract and philosophical issues of computer science and advanced computing. Students are encouraged to take courses and complete a project in an area of computer science, which interacts with Information Management, or other fields covered by the department.

The department has excellent computing facilities available for training, data analysis, programs development and research. These compare favorably with any university in Pakistan. The laboratories are rich in both software and hardware installations. We hope to strengthen our postgraduate programs, giving more emphasis on student's projects and making them more meaningful for the software industry.