Department of Botany - Overview

Department of Botany is one of the premier departments of the faculty. Its staff comprises three Professors and five Assistant Professors. The Department has a well maintained Botanical Garden and experimental area as an aid to the postgraduate and faculty research. The department is actively engaged in establishing a New Botanical Garden, which is spread over an area of 13 acres of land. The Department initiated pioneering research work in the field of plant genetic resources for the collection, preservation and evaluation of primitive crop cultivars from the diversity rich parts of North Western Frontier Province (NWFP). The first germplasm collection expedition in collaboration with FAO/BGPR, Bangor-Layallpur Universities was carried out in 1974 in the northern areas of Pakistan. General emphasis was laid on primitive cereals like wheat and barley. Department has so far completed 30 research project and another 6 projects are being run by the faculty. In these projects, the a massive amount of research work was conducted on the field crop weeds, salinity, drought high temperature and heavy metal tolerance, growth regulators and fertilizer application to various crops and use of in vitro techniques to improve economic yield in crop plants.