Department of Biochemistry - Overview

The department of Biochemistry is currently awarding BS biochemistry, M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees. From winter semester 2019, M.Sc. Biochemistry degree has been concluded and BS biochemistry is introduced.  Full time students have to enrol at least eight semesters for BS Biochemistry degree and four semesters for M.Phil. with two semesters in each academic year. The candidates for Ph.D. must have to qualify a GRE Type Test (Subject + Aptitude) as  may  be  prescribed  by  the HEC and graduate  studies and research board of the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.
The department offers outstanding opportunities for advanced training and research in biochemistry. The postgraduate programmes in the department are designed to prepare students to develop creative and innovative scientific aptitude. The undergraduate and postgraduate curricula are devised to meet the challenges of new advances in the field. Wide ranges of courses are offered by the department in each semester. Supporting courses are also taken from other departments according to individual research requirements. Oral presentations, seminars, quiz tests and assignments are given to the students throughout the degree programmes. The Ph.D. students have to qualify written and oral comprehensive examinations before thesis submission. It enhances students understanding of the subject. In addition to course work, MPhil and PhD students conduct research under the guidance of a supervisory committee. At M.Phil. level thesis is evaluated by external examiners outside the university. Ph.D. thesis is evaluated by two renowned scientists from developed countries. BS Biochemistry students have to submit a technical report to qualify for the degree. To achieve the objective of capability, and to inculcate concept building aptitude in the students, utmost effort is made by the faculty. The goal of the programme is to prepare young scientists for the knowledge-based society.
Our laboratories are well equipped with modern facilities. Three research labs. are instituted in old building of the Biochemistry and four in Biochemistry Postgraduate Research Block in new campus. Enzyme Biotechnology Lab. and Industrial Biotechnology lab have major emphasis on fermentation biotechnology. Molecular Biochemistry lab. has been established with advanced facilities to work on genetic engineering and gene expression. Clinico-Molecular Biochemistry lab. is well equipped and working on health related projects. DNA barcoding lab. is being established for work on species identification. Cellular research particularly focussing on mechanisms of programmed cell death is going on in Cellular Biochemistry lab. Medicinal Biochemistry and Bioactive Molecules Research labs. are focusing on natural bioactive compounds at molecular, peptide and gene expression levels.
During previous academic years, several scientific events viz seminars, workshops, hands-on trainings and conferences have been arranged by the department. International Conference of Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Biomaterials were successfully organized in 2016 and 2018 where participants and speakers from different countries participated. Industrial linkages have also been developed with local industry, such as Qarshi Industries. The faculty members of this department are highly qualified and well experienced in their respective fields. They truly care about development and success of their students, creating an atmosphere that is conducive to good science.
Molecular CareTM ( is a community serving project of the department, instituted by the University to extend the expertise and facilities of the Molecular Biochemistry Lab. for researchers, students and the community. It is offering services in Molecular Diagnostics including real-time PCR and ELISA tests, Research Sample Analysis (Molecular and Medical) and Hands-on Trainings.