Institute of Animal and Dairy Sciences - Overview

The Institute of Animal and Dairy Sciences, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad has four divisions: Ruminant Nutrition, Non-Ruminant Nutrition, Nutritional Biotechnology and Feed Technology. Research activities of Institute focus on improvement of the nutritive value of low quality feedstuffs through chemical and biological treatments; nutritional evaluation of local forages, crop residues and low grade industrial by-products; efficient and economical ration formulations for commercial poultry birds and ruminant livestock.; detoxification of naturally occurring toxins to improve the feeding value of indigenous feeds; production of single cell proteins and feed enzymes through bioconversion/fermentation; and recycling of animal wastes in the diets of small and large ruminants. Feed Microscopy courses at national level have been offered here more than six times in collaboration with American Soybean Association. Short courses on livestock feeding and poultry feeding are offered every year for the benefit of dairy and poultry farmers. This department has made noticeable contribution in imparting education and conducting problem oriented research in the field of Animal Nutrition.

The Institute of Animal and Dairy Sciences has built up its capabilities to discharge its mandatory functions to teaching and research in the area of animal feed science and technology. This institute has greatly supplemented the knowledge and skill through its graduates undertaking employment in the compound feed industry. The graduates from this institute are expected to employed in feed mill at higher and middle management positions, feed analysis laboratories, research, planning and development, both in private and public sectors.