Faculty of Animal Husbandry - Overview

The Faculty of Animal Husbandry is a concoction of four disciplines viz., Animal Breeding and Genetics, Livestock Management, Animal Nutrition and Poultry Science to constitute the Institute of Animal and Dairy Sciences. The Faculty offers three 4-years undergraduate degree programs viz., BS Animal Sciences, BS Dairy Science, and BS Poultry Science and one after 2 years in agri-Sciences named B.Sc. (Hons) Animal Sciences. In these programs more than 500 students are currently enrolled. Furthermore, 8 postgraduate degree programs including four masters and four PhD programs corresponding to the four mentioned disciplines are also offered. In these postgraduate pragrams more than 125 students including 12 PhD scholars are currently enrolled. For these students, the faculty offers 39 courses at undergraduate and 62 courses at postgraduate level along with several short courses. The Faculty has the mandate to genetically improve livestock and poultry species and related activities to enhance productivity of food and fiber of animal origin and thus to bring more prosperity to the farmers and in turn to the nation. It is the pioneer institution that imparts Animal Husbandry education. In the faculty a sub-center of “National Center of Livestock Breeding, Genetics and Genomics” has also been established for implementation of genomics to improve livestock and for hand on training of the students and prefessionals/farmers for different molecular and computational skills required in various domains of animal production. The faculty members have published more thank 60 books for the benefit of students, extension workers and the farming community. A fare number of research projects have been completed by the faculty members so far and their salient outcomes have been published in reputed impact factor journals.