Department of Structures & Environmental Engineering - Overview

Department of Structures and Environment Engineering is based upon very dynamic, versatile and highly qualified faculty, which has vast brainy of knowledge, innovative ideas, developmental fondness and professional attributes to provide a platform to the students to explore the realism of learning in an integrated manner. The department has a committed vision in disseminating quality and standardized engineering education and research facilities to the nation for the last fifty years.  The department provides facilities like updated research laboratories, lecture rooms for under graduate and postgraduate students, and computer laboratory as well. A wide range of state of the art equipment has been provided to facilitate high tech research work.

At present the Department is producing a significant number of undergraduate and post-graduate students. The Department provides knowledge, expertise and skills related to the design and development of all types of farm structures which includes farm residences, animal shelters and agricultural storage structures based on environmental friendly technologies.

Apart from teaching the department is fully engaged in research projects involving application of environment friendly techniques and materials at the farm. Thesis research at post graduate level provides background to the students in critical thinking, planning and execution of public and private projects dealing with environmental engineering and farm structures.

The Department of Structures and Environmental Engineering has developed a “Pelletizer” for farm waste management. The machine has the capability of making small pellets by mixing sugarcane mud with sludge, slurry and other organic wastes. Research on the mobility of agro-chemical within the soil profile was also carried out in the Department to improve the ground water quality by effective use of agricultural machinery.

Master and Doctoral programmmes in Structures & Environmental Engineering help to develop student’s communication, critical thinking, technical judgment, global awareness and advance scientific and technical knowledge of farm structures and environment through different projects and visits. The student’s teaching remains the primary focus of this department while research trials, seminars and demonstrations at farmer fields are used to disseminate the departmental research to the industry, extension workers and the farmers. The department has trained number of M.Sc. students with emphasis on the design, development and evaluation of environmental projects and equipment. The department is pioneer in offering Ph.D. programme whereby students are currently enrolled.