Department of Farm Machinery and Power - Introduction

The department is one of the prime departments of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-Pakistan.
This Department, in collaboration with other departments offers a high quality baccalaureate program in Agricultural Engineering built around a distinctive core curriculum to meet the emerging needs of agricultural mechanization education. The master and doctoral programs in the Department of Farm Machinery and Power help to develop student’s communication, critical thinking, technical judgment, global awareness and advance scientific and technical knowledge of precision agriculture. The students’ teaching remains the primary focus of this department while research trials, seminars, and demonstrations at farmer fields are used to disseminate the departmental research and development (R&D) to industry, extension workers and farming community.
The department has 05 PhDs and 01 M.Sc. (Hons) Agricultural Engineering teachers who are teaching courses to B.Sc./M.Sc.(Hons.)/PhD Agricultural Engineering students with specialization in Farm Machinery and Power while 06 lecturers and 01 lab engineer are on study leave to peruse their PhD degrees from USA, Germany, Belgium and China.
Recently, the department has introduced under/postgraduate courses on precision agriculture, automation and controls, computer aided machine design, power plants, renewable energy and industrial engineering. The department has trained more than 500 M.Sc. (Hons) Agricultural Engineering students with emphasis on design, development, testing and evaluation of farm machinery and renewable energy technologies. The department is pioneer in offering PhD Agricultural Engineering degree program and has produced more than 10 PhD scholars so far.


Name of Degree Program: B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering
Duration of Program: Min. 04 Years and Max. 06 Years
Number of semesters: Min. 08 Semesters and Max. 12 Semesters
Number of weeks per semester: 16 - 18 (Min. 16 weeks for teaching and 2 weeks for examinations)
Total number of credit hours: 128 - 136   
Number of credit hours per semester: 15 - 19