Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics - Overview

This department is the core discipline in agriculture since the establishment of Punjab Agricultural College Lyallpur. In 1961 the college was upgraded to Agriculture University and this discipline as Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics. Some of the renowned persons like Prof. Dr. Abdur Rehman (Tamgha-i-imtiaz) has served as Vice-Chancellor and Dean, Faculty of Agriculture. Prof. Dr. Manzoor Ahmed Khan, Prof. Dr. Khurshid Alam, Dr. Amin Khan and Prof. Iftikhar Ahmad Khan (Tamgha-i-imtiaz and Izaz-e-Fazeelat) have served as Dean, Faculty of Agriculture from this department. Pakistan Council for Science and Technology ranked this department in "A" category, 3rd in biology and biotechnology and 1st amongst the plant breeding departments of the country (2014-15). Academic members have published overall 812 publications in journals of national and international ISI indexed and abstracted journals. Faculty members have won 20 excellence awards in different categories at various occasions. One Faculty Member Dr. M. Tehseen Azhar is Adjunct Lecturer with School of Plant Biology, The University of Western Australia. The department has successfully completed 25 projects in collaboration with national (HEC, PARB, PSF, NARC etc.) and international research institutes (ICARDA, CIMMYT, IRRI etc.). The worth of on-going projects is 14 (Rs.115.35 million).