Department of Forestry and Range Management - Overview

Department was established with the up-gradation of Agriculture College into University of Agriculture in 1961. Since its inception, this department offers courses which are an integral part of the undergraduate as well as postgraduate scheme of studies of agriculture students. At present, this Department has the strength of 11 Faculty Members out of which 9 are Ph. Ds from local and foreign universities. Department covers four disciplines namely Forestry/Agro Forestry, Range, Wildlife and Watershed Management.

Activities and achievements:-

Department is making all out efforts to generate professional manpower especially in the domain of Forestry and allied disciplines. This department started offering B. Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture-Forestry. and M.Sc. (Hons.) Forestry as a major subject in 1977.  This Department holds the distinction to initiate Ph.D. degree programme for the first time in the country in 1996. The Department is committed to impart quality education and have produced almost 1000 B. Sc. (Hons.) graduates majoring Forestry, 600 M. Sc. (Hons.) Agri. Forestry and 23 Ph.Ds. These graduates are well placed and are serving in various positions in teaching, research, extension, central superior services as well as in national and international NGOs. Department is fulfilling the demand of trained manpower in the disciplines of Forestry, Range Management and Wildlife and is considered as a major contributor in this regard.

In addition to teaching, department is embarking on extensive research programmes. Research projects address a wide array of domains. Forestry, Agro-Forestry, Environment, Range and Wildlife Management are the major thematic areas of research. It covers various aspects of research pertaining to these disciplines keeping in view the emerging issues of the country like shisham dieback, utilization of small wood, causes of rangelands degradation and their solutions, reasons for wildlife depletion and measures for its improvement and conservation, etc. The department has completed 5 competitively won research projects while others are in progress. The titles of some pronounced projects completed so far are given below:

  • Utilization of small timber for furniture making
  • Conservation of genetic diversity in Cholistan Rangeland
  • Mechanical control of insect/pest using innovative techniques
  • Life cycle of Mango Mealy Bug and its control using funnel type slippery traps
  • Quantification of Agroforestry Services in District Khushab

This department also offers various short courses in the area of taxidermy of birds and mammals, planting techniques in Agro-Forestry systems, grazing land and their management, forest nursery establishment and agroforestry as business. Outreach training programmes have also been carried out to convince and train the farmers for Agro Forestry and nursery raising.

To meet the need of the students, teachers, researchers, farmers, extension workers and the candidates for the competitive exams (CSS and PCS etc.) learned teachers have published about 30 books/manuals. In addition to these publications, credit goes to the scientists of this department who have contributed many popular articles, pamphlets and extension papers on various major areas of public interest.

Department is also taking part in Kisaan Melas held at the Campus and in various villages to motivate the farmers to grow more trees on their farm lands. In this regard man to man contact, pamphlets, posters, bills, extension papers had also been disseminated. It is worth mentioning that staff members also participate as a speaker/resource person in the various scientific forums organized by different Govt./Private institutes or organizations at national as well as at international levels. In addition, staff members regularly record speeches/ talks on various aspects of Forestry on Radio and Television to promote agro and social Forestry in the country.

Department has established an experimental and research area at the campus. This is purely student participatory programme in which every student prepares planting material of various trees as a part of his/her practical work.

The Department has organized national and international workshops/ seminars on various aspects of Forestry since its inception. Guest speakers are invited to deliver lectures, seminar/training workshops time and again to update the advances made in the relevant fields.