Department of Crop Physiology - Overview

The Crop Physiology department was established in the Faculty of Agriculture in July 7, 1981 by the proposal of Planning and Development Department, Government of the Punjab.s
Department offers degrees of M.Sc.(Hons.) Agri. And Ph.D. at Postgraduate level. At undergraduate level, a core course for the students of agriculture is being taught to introduce about the basic knowledge of crop physiology. However, at postgraduate level, a set of different courses is being offered to a large number of students from allied disciplines of agriculture. It is of vital importance for the fulfillment of the need of knowledge and experities for incorporation of physiological aspects in various field and laboratory based research programmers.
Along with regular teaching, postgraduate and independent research is the main focus of activity of the department’s faculty. For the purpose, the department has three well-established laboratories viz. one main/general laboratory, stress physiology laboratory and a seed physiology laboratory.
Agricultural meteorological cell is another important feature of the department, which not only provides the meteorological data for the scientific community of the University but also acts as a solid source research on weather trends and spectral analysis.