Department of Entomology - Overview

The foundation of teaching and research in Entomology in the Province was laid with the establishment of the Punjab Agricultural College, Lyallpur (Department of Agriculture, Punjab) in 1905. From 1905-1907 an Agricultural Assistant carried out research on crop pests. In 1908, an Assistant Professor of Entomology was appointed on the staff of Economic Botanist. The first class of Licenciate in Agriculture (LAG), a 3 years diploma, course, was admitted in 1909, in 1913, an independent Entomological Section came into existence under the Assistant Professor of Entomology. In 1914, the duration of the LAG diploma course was increased from 3 to 4 years and in 1916 it was made a degree course (B.Sc. Agriculture) and the responsibility of conducting the examination was entrusted to the Punjab University.

In 1919, Mian M. Afzal Husain was appointed as Imperial Entomologist. This was a corner stone in the history of Entomology and a true beginning of entomological research and teaching was conducted. Mian M. Afzal Husain for his keen interest and dedicated service in this field was very correctly and deservedly called the ‘Father of Entomology’ in this region. He was instrumental in raising the status of this subject to a major field of study in 1931 and thus Entomology assumed its rightful place. The LAG diploma course was discontinued in 1920. In 1923, the Punjab University recognized the Punjab Agricultural College for M.Sc. (Agri.) and in 1929, the first student (Mr. Abdul Wahid Khan) was awarded this degree. With the passage of time the standard of teaching and research continued to rise rapidly and the college was consequently recognized by the Punjab University for Ph.D. degree. The first Ph.D. degree was completed by Dr. Atiq-ur-Rahman Ansari in 1945.

With the appointment of Mian M. Afzal Husain as Vice-Chancellor of the Punjab University in 1938, Dr. Khan A. Rehman took over the charge as Entomologist and continued till 1950, afterward, he was appointed as Director Agriculture, Punjab. During this period entomological research and teaching continued to make great progress. He was succeeded by Dr. Abdul Latif who assumed the charge of Principal, Agricultural College in 1961. In 1959, Kh. Abdul Haq took over as Entomologist till 1961 when the College was raised to the status of the University of Agriculture, Lyallpur (now Faisalabad). Now, the Department of Entomology falls in Faculty of Agriculture at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. Up till today, the Department has produced more than 2228 B.Sc (Hons.), 1911 M.Sc (Hons.) and 115 Ph.D. students.
The Department of Entomology is comprised of the following faculty members; 04 Professors, 03 Associate Professors, 13 Assistant Professors and 04 Lecturers belong to diverse field of studies. Since 2000 till to date, faculty members earned national and international research grants in various fundamental and applied research fields like Integrated Pest Management, Eco-Toxicology, Stored Grain Pest Management, Insect Biodiversity & Biosystematics, Acarology, Insect Molecular Biology and Integrated Vector Management.
Professional Society

  • Pakistan Entomological Society
  • Young Entomologist Society (YES)

 National Journal
The Department of Entomology is managing a national journal “Pakistan Entomologist”, which falls in the Y-category of Higher Education Commission, Pakistan.
Non-Degree Programs (Short Courses)

  • Apiculture
  • Sericulture
  • Plant Protection (Field & Horticultural Crops)
  • Stored Grain Pest Management

Community Services

  • Dengue Management & Advisory Services
  • Pest Management & Advisory Services