Seminar on Sustainable Development of Modern Universities

Speakers at a seminar called for preserving ecosystem from devastation of pollution, climate changes and unplanned urbanization, increasing carbon and deforestation. The seminar titled sustainable development of Modern Universities was arranged by Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization, University of Agriculture Faisalabad.  Addressing on occasion, Archblue Consultants CEO and former Air Vice Marshal Najam-ul-Hassan said that Allah Almighty has provided immense resources to the mankind but we are destroying the resources from our own hands. He said that increasing polluting, melting glaciers, and climate changes are posing serious challenges to the mankind. He stressed the need to develop the eco-friendly environment so that we can provide a better future for the coming generation. He said that  heavy  deforestation must be ended up.

UAF Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan said that the university has developed a vision 2030. The Government is providing Rs 2 billion to the UAF.  The university is taking possible measures for eco-friendly system. He said air pollution by industries and vehicles is a cause of serious health concern.  Water pollution and contaminated ground water caused by sewage and chemical wastes, which is drained untreated into rivers and lakes, causes different disease.

Engineer Asim Raza said that there is the need of re-defying  our comfort zone. He said that rational use of resources was prerequisite to meet the emerging challenges of ecosystem. He said that use of electricity and  water consumption must be rationalized. He said that eco friendly needs must be considered in the development of infrastructure. He said that some universities are adopting hard copy (paper) free teaching and studying mechanism for friendly ecosystem.  

ORIC Director Prof Dr Asif Ali Khan said rapid urbanization and changing consumption patterns coupled with lack of solid waste management is aggravating the problems. He said that devastating effects of climate change are visible. The polar ice caps are melting, water supplies around the world are shrinking and extreme weather patterns are becoming more common.

Planning and Development Director Dr.Irfan Abbas said that university is taking all possible measure to make it lush green. He said greenery and forests helps in soil erosion, act as watershed and a source of fresh oxygen. Director Information Technology Farjeel Javed called for raising the awareness among the people about the eco friendly system. He said that by giving the awareness, the issue can be tackled.