Office of Career Services - Overview

Office of Career Services at University of Agriculture Faisalabad is primarily established to produce better employees and better employers using the potential of students and graduates of University of Agriculture Faisalabad. Office of Career Services helps the unemployed students and graduates to find jobs and provide with the skills and tools they need to advance within a government agency, corporation or organization.

The Office of Career Services provides impartial and confidential advice and treats all students with respect regardless of gender, religion, family status, disability, political persuasion, socio-economic background or any other factor. All students, whether existing or prospective, can expect to receive fair and equal treatment.

To develop youth of Pakistan in achieving educational, career and professional goals by having equal opportunities to play effective role in country’s growth.

To become a hub between students of university and organizations for well judged career decisions by inculcating in them market oriented skills which enhances their creativity and enable them in finding their unique position.


  • To effectively improve students in behavior and skills necessary to seek and qualify for job.
  • Maintaining liaison with Federal/ Provincial P.S.C for obtaining material on competitive exams for Civil Services.
  • Inviting govt. officers, judges, women entrepreneur and members of Federal, Provincial and Public Services for interaction with students.
  • Conduct workshop and seminars to encourage students toward public and private employment.
  • Providing career counseling to students for career selection.
  • Training session for skill enhancement of the students.
  • To guide students choose further higher education in Pakistan or abroad in their study area with the help of Higher Education Commission (HEC).
  • Developing and maintaining placement board for students.
  • To act as medium of communication amongst students, industries and professionals bodies to promote career opportunities for students.
  • Manager Career Services(CDC) E-mail: