Directorate of Farms - Overview

Directorate of Farms was established in 2006, the objective behind this idea was to adopt the modern technologies of agriculture & its allied fields on large scale for the demonstration to the students and end users (farmers). This adaptive modern research based stations of crop production through utilizing best available resources at farms, proved highly successful. It also adopted better technologies which increases crop production, decreases cost of production and increases soil fertility.
It has been also facilitating all departments of the University regarding research of Graduate and Postgraduate students by providing inputs i.e. Land, farm machinery with POL, seed, fertilizer, labour, pesticides etc. Farms also conduct experiments of M. Phil and Ph.D scholars under varying agro ecological conditions on their requests. It provides advisory services to the farmers regarding advanced production technologies of all crops.
It concentrates on efficient utilization of resources like fertilizer and irrigation through better management like time of application, rate and method of application for increasing farm income. Directorate of Farms also adopts modern scientific crop protection measures (biological, cultural and chemical) for controlling insect, pests and diseases. Directorate of Farms also multiplies seeds of high yielding crops i.e. wheat, Sarsoon, Sugarcane, maize etc and provide to farmers community twice a year (Rabi & Kharif Kisan Convention).

In Livestock and Poultry Farms selection of improved breeds are the successful stories like UniGold birds (Poultry).