Directorate of Academics - Overview

Message from Director
Our mission is to provide an educational experience that is rigorous, negotiated and relevant.  Every day is a new day to learn new ideas and share with students in class rooms, laboratory, seminar hall or workshops. We are always aiming to improve and expand our curriculum, facilities and technology. We believe that every student is unique and has his/ her own unique talent. As an instructor, it is our responsibility to sharpen their minds and communication skills, nurture their talents and help them reach their peak of excellence through active learning. Our education program emphasizes on the development of a global spirit by enhancing their learning skills with a focus on ethics in multicultural environments.


Learning Management System (LMS)                               
Learning Management System (LMS) was introduced to achieve quality of education, applying variety of teaching-learning strategies and using appropriate distance delivery modes, access to teaching literature, online attendance, assignments and submission of results.

Faculty Orientation Program                      
This activity was undertaken to enhance the professional skill of the young teachers using modern techniques of teachings through information technology, i.e. Multimedia, Email Group management, Time management and stress management. Furthermore, it improves the communication skills of the teachers with the students in the class room, as well as research project management in the allocated budget and prevalent circumstances.

Teaching Assistantship                                
Teaching assistantship for one semester after the completion of his/her course work has been deemed mandatory for all Ph.D. students in UAF since February 2015. All the teaching departments/ institutes notify the names of TAs in each course and intimate to the Director Academics. The teaching departments/institutes make arrangements for the maintenance of attendance register. The TAs assist instructor/supervisor in teaching practical and theory of undergraduate courses, to evaluate examinations, assignments, and record grades. Prepare course material under the guidance of faculty members, upload course material online and also maintain online attendance of respective courses. The TAs make sure to be available at least for 2 hours walk in time for students during office hours for discussion and guidance of courses. At the end of semester, the course teacher evaluates the TA as per evaluation performa. After successful completion of TAship, the Ph.D. student is awarded with a certificate for rendered services by the Director Academics.

Large Class Management          
Module System was introduced for management of basic courses enrolled by large numbers of students. Audio/visual equipped Lecture Theaters were developed with the basic vision to use expertise from the teacher respective to course content.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
Massive open online courses through distance education were introduced to cope with rapid increase in population, growing cost of on-campus courses, social and institutional problems of people desiring for higher education.

Hybrid Teaching System                             
Hybrid teaching system is introduced for different courses which employ a mixture of online    and face-to-face activities. Hybrid instruction refers to classes where there is a carefully planned blend of both traditional classroom instruction and online learning activities.

Revision of Scheme of Studies/ Revision of Courses of All Degree Programs
As per SOPs provided by HEC, the UAF revises scheme of studies and course contents every 3 years on a regular basis. Recently UAF team visited UC Davis, USA to understand and develop latest scheme of studies/courses in line with UC Davis. The UAF in collaboration with U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Agriculture and Food Security (USP-CAS-AFS) recently launched an experiential learning based master program in Veterinary Practice.

UAF-VEPP Collaboration
UAF in collaboration with virtual education project Pakistan (VEPP) was introduced to provide free online courses through video conferences to interested students in UAF.